Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Cleaning-Company

Fast Car Mobile Valeting is dedicated and devoted to ensuring the safety of all of our client’s privacy especially when they visit our website and are informed about the information taken through this privacy policy. The privacy policy stated below states how our cleaning company treats the information that you provide.

Collection of Information:
We store limited information about our clients. The first form of information is related to your visit to our website and its usage. The second information is the one that our clients have willingly provided by filling out our form. The third one, is the information which you have provided in terms of your booking, the form filled out when contacting us and the data provided through phone conversations related to the mobile car valeting services acquired or inquired. We may record all of our phone calls to monitor and ensure the quality of service provided through the phone.

Website Visits:
In order for us to devise a plan for a better marketing purposes, we may store information such as IP address, location, the browser used, length of stay in the website and number of views.
We would like to inform you that we use cookies on our website. It is a text file used by browsers for communication and these text files are stored on the browser of the person who visited our site. We use these text files to monitor our website activity depending on how many times it was viewed or visited.
Please be informed that we do not track any of your other activities other than the ones that are in direct connection to our website. This means that your personal data and your other personal computer activities are not tracked by our server.

Information Gathered:
Our cleaning company collects your personal data for several purposes and all of which are specified in this privacy policy.
1. We use the information gathered which you have willingly provided for the improvement of our website.
2. We use the information gathered which you have willingly provided as a basis for selecting information which we send out to you; which we think is beneficial on your part.
3. We use the information gathered which you have willingly provided for marketing purposes.
4. We do not provide the information which you have provided to any third party group without your consent.

Security Of The Information:
We, as a responsible company, make sure that we protect all of your data. We store your data on our servers which we keep secured at all times and are protected by our firewall.

Amendments To The Privacy Policy:
We serve the right to make the necessary changes to our website and to the privacy policy without prior notice. We advise that you regularly check our privacy policy for any revisions to ensure that you are satisfied with the regulations that we follow.

Third Party:
This website may or may not contain advertisements related to third party companies. It is your discretion whether or not to check those links and in the instance that you do, any information taken from you by these third party companies will be without our consent and therefore, we will not be held liable.

If you have any questions or concerns related to our privacy policy, please call us at 020 3475 2703.