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The most common car cleaning mistakes and how to avoid them

Car Cleaning Mistakes

You know that keeping your vehicle in good condition is important for two main reasons: it gives you better pleasure driving it and ensures that it is presentable. That is why you have to put some effort into cleaning it.

But do you know that to be most effective at this task, you must pay attention to certain mistakes and make sure you avoid them? Surely, you cannot always rely on professionals to clean your vehicle; sometimes you must do this task on your own. To do a good job at this, you have to be aware of certain mistakes you can make in that regard and avoid them. In doing so, you guarantee that your car will be looking great with as little effort as possible:

  • Don’t clean in the sun – this is probably the most common mistake that people make when cleaning a car. They wait for good and inviting weather, take it outside and then wash it in direct sunlight. If you are among them, you must stop. The main issue is that when you pour washing liquid or water, it will dry quickly on the car surface, leaving streaks and spots that are difficult to clean. This makes cleaning much more challenging than it needs to be. Always wash your car in the shade.
  • Don’t only clean when a mess occurs – if you only rush to get the cleaning equipment in the event of a mess in your car, you aren’t paying enough attention. Sure, you can save your vehicle from nasty stains and permanent damage, but it is wise to do a thorough cleaning now and then to tackle the accumulated dust and dirt.
  • Don’t wash only a particular area of the interior – if you are cleaning a stain on the upholstery of your car, make sure you clean more than just the area immediate to it. Otherwise, you will end up creating a contrast that is evident and will not contribute to a good looking interior.
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    Don’t apply wax and polish directly on the car – if you want to spread wax and polish and any such product for that matter, you mustn’t pour it directly on the car. If you do that, you will have uneven streaks, revealing as darker areas that will be noticeable from afar. Always use an applicator for best results.

  • Don’t clean the tires last – while it makes sense to tackle this area of your car last, it is preferable to start with it. One of the reasons why that is so is because tires are more demanding and will require some manual cleaning. Starting with the most difficult task first is always preferable and also means you won’t be splashing dirt and other spoils on the just cleaned vehicle.
  • Don’t use ammonia-based products – using ammonia on the surface of your car can ruin it pretty quickly. Stay safe and avoid such products. It is not like there is not an abundance of other options anyway.

By taking note of these common mistakes, you can ensure that your car is effectively cleaned, even when you are doing the job on your own.

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