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7 car cleaning solutions and tools you absolutely need

Expert Car Washing Tips

Cleaning your car is not all that easy. Sure, you can resort to mobile car valeting services or take it to the car wash. Sometimes you may have to engage in some good old manual cleaning, and that is when you will need some specialised solutions.

There are plenty of products and tools that you can use to make your task easier. However, you must select the few of them that work best, which can be difficult due to the high number of options available. Following are few things to look out for, all of which can make car cleaning not only quicker and less bothersome but also much more useful:

  • Mobile Car ValetingCar shampoo – cleaning the vehicle with a specially formulated product is the way to go. Don’t make the mistake of using dish soap or anything like that, if you value your car. Pick a car shampoo that fits the category of eco-friendly. There are some that use plant-based surfactants as well as vegetable glycerin to get the job done. These are in a place of the harsh solvents found in many other products, but you should know they do the job well.  Use car shampoo, if you want to get your vehicle shining again.
  • Waterless car wash – are you all about water conservation? You will be thrilled to find out that there are solutions out there, which allow you to clean the vehicle without running the hose. Granted, a waterless car wash is mostly ideal for a light wash; you can still look for this sort of product to get the task done.
  • Tar and bug remover – dead bugs that won’t easily scrub off and caked-on tar can make your cleaning attempts quite tough. You may need to resort to a solution specially formulated for this sort of problem. A product like this usually comes in the form of a foam cleaner. It can easily strip gross messes off the windshield and other parts of the car.
  • Scratch removal kit – if you see notable scratches on the car paint, you can grab a removal kit to deal with them. These kits usually feature various compounds for treating the damaged area with buffing pads, all in a single package and ready for use.
  • Car Cleaning SolutionsCar polish – a car polish will not just bring that extra shine to the car, but also provide a level of protection against the elements. It is a cool way to conclude a cleaning session by applying some on your vehicle.
  • Interior cleaner – for the most part, interior car cleaners are pretty much like the regular multi-purpose cleaner you use at home. However, there are specialised formulas out there that can pull different stains from the fabrics of the seats or the carpets.
  • Portable vacuum cleaner – to address all of the crumbs, dirt, dust and all sort of other spoils wedged in the seats, you have to rely on a vacuum cleaner. It is far from convenient to drag your home vacuum, so a portable handheld model is the better choice here.

All of these car cleaning solutions are ideal to acquire to ensure your vehicle is clean. Remember that a mobile car valeting service can assist you in cleaning the car even when you lack the tools.

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