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April 13, 2017
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9 tips for spring cleaning your car

If you never pay attention to your car, the chance is that it is going to get super dirty over time. This is not a good thing because it will just not be comfortable enough for you or anyone else that travels with it.

Take your time to properly clean your car or simply call a mobile car valeting company to get your car looking and feeling great. Once the temperature is good enough and you feel motivated, you should roll your sleeves up and get ready to clean. Don’t worry – by following a number of tips, you can finish the job without too much stress.
9 tips for spring cleaning your car

  • Clean the carpet and upholstery – the first thing you should focus on is the upholstery and the carpeting. Initially, you should vacuum any loose dust and other spoils on the fabrics by using a vacuum cleaner. You can buy a handheld model or just bring the car somewhere close to an electrical outlet. When you have dealt with the dirt, mud and other solid spoils, you should wash down the seats using a damp cloth or towel.
  • Clean the console – cleaning the consoles is another task that you must do. Use a damp micro fibre cloth to remove dust and dirt. Be careful with electrical connections as you don’t want to get them too wet. Don’t forget to clean the cup holders. Dry the dashboard with a cloth towel when you are done.
  • Organise the interior – open the compartments and clear out any needless items. If you are like most people that rush to get in and outside of a vehicle, you likely forget about some of the things you bring. Now is the time to address them and get them out of your car.
  • Clean the windows – after enduring the winter elements for so long, the windows of the car will require some cleaning. Use a window cleaning solution to wipe them on the inside and outside. Buff dry with a clean towel afterwards. The mirrors should be cleaned as well.
  • Clean and clear out the trunk – wintertime can often turn the trunk of a vehicle into a mess. Remove everything from there and vacuum the debris. Inspect the necessary car items you keep there: the spare tyre, the fire extinguisher, the first aid kit and emergency tools. Look for clutter and clear it away.
  • Wash the exterior – the best tip you can get in regards to washing the exterior is to be very thorough when you first clean the car. Ensure that all of the cracks and edges are properly washed. Use a soft sponge and mild detergent to wash the car.
  • Clean the wheels and tyres – remove the hubcaps and wash away the accumulated dirt and debris from there. Scrub the tyres and the wheel wells properly. Tighten any loose bolts and check the tyre pressure.
  • Clear under the hood – check out if too many debris and dirt have accumulated under the hood. Such debris can be a nuisance, but it can also affect the engine, so make these checks regularly.
  • Wax the exterior – as a finishing touch, you can have the exterior of your vehicle waxed. You can ask the car valeting company for this. Just ensure the wax is not applied in direct sunlight and test it on a small area of the vehicle first, to ensure you have the right product.

By following these tips, you can have a thoroughly clean car in no time at all. You will take greater joy from it and love taking it for long drives.

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