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5 car cleaning mistakes most people make

5 Car Cleaning Mistakes Most People Make

It is spring, and the pollen from trees plus the dust flying around the roads will soon enough make your car quite the messy thing. You will soon enough need to consider cleaning it because you don’t want to worry about your vehicle looking disgusting.

If you are the DIY type of person, then you will probably get on cleaning the car on your own. While this is not a bad idea, you need to know that there are many mistakes you can make in the process. Cleaning and washing your car may not seem like the most challenging thing in the world, but there are common mistakes that will make your work ineffective and a bit of a waste. Here is what you should avoid:

Car Wash Tips

Cleaning in direct sunlight

While it may only seem logical to clean your car when the weather is just right, it is a good idea to avoid doing so in direct sunlight. When it is hot, and the sun rays are landing directly on the windows and the car paint, they will easily dry any car cleaning solution you put, before it has had a chance to work. But that is just part of the problem. Another issue is that water and car washing liquid will just dry and leave streaks on the surface of your car, which are very difficult to clean.

Cleaning with a dishwashing detergent

A lot of people reach for the dishwashing detergent when it comes to cleaning the car, simply because it is the most readily available solution. However, many experts believe that cleaning with it is very bad for your vehicle. It can strip the protective wax coating if you have applied such. Besides, such a product doesn’t have a good pH balance, which means it can end up damaging the clear coat. It is best to go with a specialised cleaner, which is just what your car needs to stay clean.

Expert Car Cleaning Advice

Using a paper towel or an old rag

Cleaning the car with the inappropriate tool is just as bad as employing the wrong solution. Paper towels, t-shirts and old rags often act as a micro sanding paper that will create mini scratches on the paint. What you want to use is a soft microfibre towel that is gentle on the paint. Otherwise, you will be damaging the surface, which is not nice.

Not following the ‘top-to-bottom’ rule

Another mistake people make with car cleaning is that they don’t start from the top. There are no two ways about it: cleaning from the top is the best way to do the task. That way, any dirt and debris falling to the lower levels of the car can be addressed promptly. There is one exception to this rule, however: the rims. You can clean the rims first so that dust and dirt don’t fly on your car’s body when you get to cleaning that part.

Using a single bucket

This is a common mistake that people make when cleaning the car, and it is rather surprising why people make it. You need to have 2 buckets at the ready. One is to prepare your main washing solution, and the other is to rinse your cloth and rag in. That way, you will not contaminate the water and not spread dirt on your car when you do more swipes.

Now that you know what to be careful with, you can easily make short work of cleaning your car. The result will be better than ever!

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