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6 tips for perfectly cleaning your car interior

Perhaps you have a weekly cleaning routine for the outside of your vehicle. That is nice because it takes care of the accumulated debris there, but what about the interior? When was the last time you actually addressed the inside of your car? This is an important task because you probably spend no small portion of your time in the car.

Between the dirty shoes and the occasional snack you have inside, there is little doubt your interior will need some attention and care. To keep the interior of your vehicle sparkling, it is best of you to implement a good cleaning routine. Thankfully, we have the right tips in that regard. Just follow these steps for a perfectly clean car interior.

Begin by vacuuming the interior

Most people usually think that it is only necessary to vacuum the carpets since that is where the most dust and dirt particles reside. While it is true you need to clean the carpets, you should do so only when you have addressed the seats and other areas. First, you need to vacuum the seats and the dashboard, with the appropriate attachment. Move on to the panels of the doors, paying particular attention to all the nooks and crannies. Remember to take the mats and give them a good shake. That way you will deal with a big amount of dust without the need to vacuum clean it.

Clean the door jambs

Next up on your to-do list is cleaning the door jambs. That is where the door connects to the car body. That is also one of the first things you see when you open the door to get in the car. Thus, keeping these areas clean makes perfect sense. Get a cotton cloth and use a mild polish to clean the area. Thus you will not just clean the debris, but also shine the area.

Clean the vinyl

To remove the dust from the dashboard, you can use a soft microfibre cloth or a rag. Wet it a little and do an initial wipe. Next, spritz your microfibre cloth with a specialised cleaner and wipe down every part of the surface, in order to remove the excess. Perhaps it is not a good idea to use the same solution on the steering wheel, as it can make it slippery. Don’t forget about the pockets of the door, as there are grime and dust as well.

Make the windows crystal clean

It is important to keep windows clean at all times so that you don’t obstruct visibility. You need to approach this task the same way you would do the windows in your own home. Get a microfibre towel that leaves no streaks. As you finish, don’t forget to roll down all windows and address the dirt buildup at the top.

Clean the seats

By now you should have removed the dirt and dust from the seats. Now it is time to apply a specialised spray-on cleaner and work it with a scrub brush. If you have vinyl or leather seats in the car, you can consider a lotion-based solution that works well on either material.

Finally, deal with the floor

As you have now concluded cleaning most of the interior, you should address the floor. Slide the seats forward and backwards. That way you will reveal the debris hiding underneath them.

By following these simple steps, you can restore the interior of your car to perfection. That way you will have a better time driving.

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