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Challenging stains that can ruin the interior of your car

Interior Car Maintenance Tips

It sure feels wonderful to enter your car and smell nothing but freshness. It will really improve your driving experience and that of the people travelling with you. Yet, it seems that sometimes disaster strikes and your car interior acquires a nasty-looking stain. You can check with mobile car valeting service in your area, or you can attempt to deal with the situation on your own.

Here is what you can do against the most common challenging stains:

Challenging Interior Stains

  • Mud – this is perhaps the most common stain you can get in the car. Bad weather sometimes happens unexpectedly, and you cannot avoid it, especially when you are on the road. You can prevent bringing mud in your car since it is definitely not nice. First, as you enter the vehicle, make sure you knock your shoes to remove the excess dirt before it enters your car. Also, keep a rubber mat in your trunk just in case of bad weather. Rubber is much easier to clean than fabric.
  • Chocolate – one of the stains that you can expect from children, which they will sooner or later cause. It is bad for the car’s upholstery, as it leaves a visible mark if you don’t treat it properly. First, know that you should never rub the stain vigorously. It is cool if you want to remove it asap, but that is not the way to go. It is best to let it harden and then chip it off carefully. Treat the remaining spot with a wet wipe by blotting.
  • Car Washing TipsFood grease – if you like the occasional treat in your car, you need to be ready when an issue occurs. One area where food grease will often accumulate is in the footwells of the car’s interior. Preventing this is much easier than dealing with it later, so make sure you dispose of all leftovers after you eat. As for treating stains from food, you can try blotting with rubbing alcohol or some water and dishwashing detergent.
  • Coffee – coffee on the go may seem like an excellent way to keep yourself energised on a long drive, but it also presents a risk to your car’s interior. Should you spill coffee inside the vehicle, you must stop and immediately take care of the issue. First, blot the excess moisture with a clean cloth. Once you have absorbed enough, you can use more advanced solutions, if you have them at hand.
  • Ink – nobody likes to dodge a large ink spot on the centre of the backseat, so make sure it doesn’t happen. If you have to clean such a stain, you can use rubbing alcohol. Wet a clean cloth with it and blot the stained area. You may need to repeat several times till you get the stain off completely.

These are 5 of the nastiest stains that you can see in your car. Now that you know how to address them, you can rest easy.

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