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How to keep your car clean in the winter with these clever tips

How to keep your car clean in the winter

Keeping your car clean in the winter sure is no easy task, especially when you consider the cold temperature. One thing you must know, however, is that leaving slush and wet residue on the vehicle is not a good thing, as it can cause some damage. You want to give your car the love it deserves in the toughest seasons of all.

It is a good thing to keep the following cleaning tips in mind:

  • Be preventing with wax – the paint of your vehicle is one of the areas that require the most help during winter. What you can do is use car wax to keep it in the best shape at all times. That way it will not sustain any damage from salt and slush. A good enough wax product is going to last no less than 3 months, so a single application should get you through the worst of weather. You can even apply it in the autumn so that you don’t have to bother at a later time.
  • Replace carpets with rubber mats – this one is a definite must. With all the snow, mud and slush during winter, you will be tracking a lot of debris and impurities in your car. It is best to spare carpets and car fabrics the strain and instead place rubber mats. These are very easy to clean whenever they get dirty, so make sure you put them inside.
  • Clean the car with snow foam – snow foam is a type of soap that is essentially very thick. It is excellent for removing the grime and filth that comes with adverse weather conditions. Once the snow foam is applied, you should leave it there for some time so that it can effectively take care of the dirt. Once you rinse, you will immediately notice the result.
  • Pressure wash for quick results – if you need a quick all-over wash, then pressure washing the car is not a bad idea. Whether you have that through a car wash or mobile car valeting services, you can expect a decent outcome. You need to address the places where grit and salt accumulate the most. Keep in mind that pressure washing is the most basic type of cleaning the car so you may have to consider it on a frequent basis for best results.
  • Don’t forget about the undercarriage – this is the area of your car that gets the most muck and grime throughout your winter drives. Hosing down that area is important, but you can also consider applying an underside sealant for better protection.
  • Always dry the car properly – you don’t want to leave moisture on the vehicle, as it can freeze when the temperatures drop below zero. Make sure you wipe the car with a clean cloth when you are done cleaning it, or leave it somewhere indoors till it dries off.

Following these tips is a sure way to keep your vehicle in good shape at all times during the winter. Follow them all, and you will see the difference.

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