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How to keep your child happy during car drives?

Long Drive Tips

If you have ever endeavoured a long drive with children, you know well enough that it is important to keep them happy. Otherwise, a complete mess may occur, which in turn means you have to spend time in the car wash or call for mobile car valeting services.

Truth be told, keeping your children happy in the car means some peace for everyone inside. Apart from that, it also contributes to extra safety, as nothing breaks driver’s concentration more than a child throwing a tantrum.

Here are few tips on how to keep little ones happy for the duration of the journey:

  • Keep Kids Happy While DrivingAllocate seats – one of the significant problems children seem to have with cars is which seat is theirs. Apparently, it would be very exhausting having to go through the whole discussion every single time, so you should instead allocate seats permanently. What this means is taking the time to discuss who wants what seat and then coming to an agreement. That way you will spare yourself the fights and the tantrums for days to come. If your children want to change seats, they can, but only if you allow it, i.e. only if peace is maintained. By allocating seats when your children are young, you are sure to keep them happy.
  • Teach them respect in the car – one of the things you have to teach them from a young age is to be considerate. As a driver, you will need to concentrate on the traffic around you and the road ahead, but that is not exactly easy with loud children at the back seat. As hard as it may be, you should ignore the tantrum and not engage in conversation, if it only leads to distraction. As they get older, they will learn that they should respect the driver of the vehicle.
  • Play a movie – if you are looking for a pleasant distraction for your little ones, then playing a movie definitely classifies. Of course, this means you need to have the features that allow playing a movie in the backseat. If that is possible, then you can be sure your children will keep quiet.
  • Traveling TipsHave a travel kit – if you have little ones on the car often, a car kit is a useful feature to have. The kit should feature essential items, such as wipes, perhaps a candy bar, a gaming console, you name it. You want to keep children busy, and you want to keep the items to that end in one place.
  • Books – an interesting book can help settle even the most energetic child. Consider their age and get a story that is interesting. It is also worth it to consider an audiobook.
  • Keep the car cool – one reason for children to become irritated is a hot vehicle. Wind down the windows or run the AC – that ought to keep spirits cool.

By implementing these strategies, you can surely keep your little ones happy even on long trips.

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