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6 tips for keeping your car clean during a road trip

If you dread to even come close to your vehicle after a long trip, you must take some steps to ensure that it stays clean. After all, if you want to enjoy a ride in your car, mobile car valeting services or at the very least going to the car wash should be part of your routine. You should also know that there are some steps you can take in regards to keeping the car in a presentable shape.

There is a lot you can do to ensure this is the case:

  • 6 tips for keeping your car clean during a road tripStart with a clean vehicle – before you get on the road, it is wise to give the car a good outside wash plus a thorough interior cleaning. That way you can enjoy the long trip better and also reduce the cleaning aftermath later on. If your car has become a mess at some point in the near past, you need to clean it. This will not only contribute to a better experience on the road but also set some expectations for your passengers.
  • Keep some important items on hand – there are some items you will need on a long trip, so it is important to get those before that. For example, some wastebasket liners go a long way in gathering trash between stops and saving you the effort of cleaning up a huge mess later. Disinfectant wipes will be your best friend when it comes to cleaning stains and accidental spills.
  • Set the food rules straight – ideally, you want to avoid eating inside the car, especially on the road. However, if that is not applicable (often the case with children), you can at least limit condiments and coloured drinks. These are really tough to clean up in case of a spill and can, in fact, lead to permanent stains.
  • Do frequent tidy ups – in order to prevent trash and clutter from accumulating, you can do some clearing up every time you stop. Fold up blankets, put away electronic device components and remove trash every time you make a stop. You will feel better about the vehicle when you start the trip trip
  • Leave dirt at the door – depending on where you are headed and where you are traveling through, your feet can accumulate a lot of dirt. It is best to knock your shoes before you get in as that will keep the car cleaner. Whether it is a beach or a dirt road you have decided to make a stop on, ensure you aren’t tracking any debris.
  • Hit a car wash on the way – this tip is mostly valid for the very long-distance traveler. If you get the chance, visit a car wash during your travels. It will free your vehicle from the unwanted dirt and make it beautiful again. You will feel better driving in a clean car.


These are the tips you need to follow in order to ensure your car stays clean on a long trip. Remember, when you reach your destination, you can always call for a mobile car valeting service.

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