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What are the pros and cons of rainwater washing your car?

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If you are all about car care and maintenance, you know that the vehicle is in need of cleaning every now and then. Calling mobile car valeting services to address the state of your car is often needed, as you find no time to go to the wash or do the job on your own.

Considering you live in London, you may feel like there is another alternative: letting the rain do the job for you. If you are too busy to clean the car, a rainy day may seem like a great way to address the problem. Yet, according to experts, the benefits are only partial. You need to consider the fact that there are also some drawbacks, which should make you think twice about relying on rain.

First, let’s go through a few of the more obvious upsides to rainwater car wash:

  • Free water – nobody is going to charge you for rainwater. After all, it is a free resource provided by the rain. If your budget is restricted, then rain is precisely what you need for some form of cleaning.
  • You don’t do anything – literally, all you have to do is ensure the car enough exposure to water for the duration of the rain. You don’t need to lift a finger other than that.

While these 2 advantages are a given, there is no doubt that there are also a few notable drawbacks:

  • Rain Car WashRainwater may be contaminated – it is a common misconception that rainwater is clean and there is no need to worry about it. Often times it comes with contaminants and pollutants that can affect the paint and other parts of your vehicle. This is especially the case if the water dries on the car.
  • You need to dry the car in another place – you know that whenever you wash your car, you should dry it afterwards. Pretty much the same applies when your vehicle is getting rainwater all over it. Letting rainwater dry on the paint can leave water marks and stains on the paint and is generally a bad idea.
  • Rainwater doesn’t reach the undercarriage – one notable drawback of relying on rain to wash your car is that it will do pretty much nothing for the undercarriage. There are parts you need to power wash for sure, such as around the wheels. Needless to say, that is not going to happen with rainwater.

As far as letting rainwater wash your car goes, the cons outweigh the pros. As such, you need to consider mobile car valeting services to get the job done right. The experts have the right gear and solutions to remove the grime and stains accumulated on the vehicle with ease. The outcome will be much better than when you take the lazy route and leave rainwater to do that. Besides, there are extra car-care services you can count on from them, which are just the icing on the cake.

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