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Should you substitute a car wash with rain?

Should You Substitute A Car Wash With Rain

A lot of people don’t really think about the effects of rain on their car, for various reasons. For one, you cannot really keep a watch on the weather 24/7 and keep the vehicle out of reach of rain. Others believe that a good downpour is, in fact, the best way to wash their car for free and are even happy to substitute the car wash or mobile car valeting services with it.

No matter what category you fall into, you need to know that leaving your car exposed to rain too often is not a very good idea. Yes, there is some cleansing action going on, but that is hardly enough to outweigh the cons that come with it. Leaving your car out in the rain will not make it cleaner in the long run, once the rain stops and the car dries.

Here are few of the biggest drawbacks of leaving your car out there in the rain:

  • Rainwater is by no means clean – What is rain? To answer this question, you first need to consider what states water exists in. As it evaporates, it goes up in the air. There, it condenses into droplets and falls back down in the form of rain. During rain, water droplets collect all sort of pollutants and contaminants from the air, which later end up on the ground, or, in this case, your car. That is right, when it rains, your car acts as a sponge for all sorts of pollutants that rainwater collects on its way down. Seeing that waterfall on your car and thinking that it is getting cleaner than ever is wrong. It is like thinking that pouring down waste water on your car will, in fact, make your vehicle cleaner.
  • Rainwater evaporates, but pollutants do not – that fresh look your car has after a good rain soak is only temporary. It is like a mask that is hiding what really is under there. It may take it some time, but water will evaporate. When that happens, all that will remain on your car are the pollutants that the water left behind. These won’t evaporate with it, but they will instead remain on the paint. Even if you cannot see them, know that they are there and are working to ruin your car’s paint.
  • Acid rain is a thing to be afraid of – acid rains occur in areas with heavy smog and industrial pollution. When the rain picks up the pollutants in the air and brings them to the ground, it qualifies as acid rain. It can damage the earth, and it can seriously damage your car’s paint. With the water drying out and the acid concentrating on the paint’s surface, you can expect some damage.
  • Rainfall doesn’t dislodge dirt and dust – unless the downpour is extreme, you cannot really expect rain to remove the dirt and dust currently present on the car. That is especially true for all the concealed parts and under the wheels. Instead, you can only expect rain to make matters worse by bringing in more debris and impurities on the vehicle.

As you can see, rain is not really a substitute for a good car wash or mobile car valeting service for that matter. It may seem like a good idea to leave your car in the rain, but keep in mind some drawbacks are actually quite big. The next time you see rain in the forecast, try to keep your car out of it and instead consider washing it properly.

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