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Tips for spring cleaning your car with ease

Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Car With Ease

The arrival of spring is always an exciting time. You may be anticipating the change for better weather, which also brings a change in routine and other activities. Spring is also the time you most likely associate with the so-important spring cleaning. Usually, that would include your home, though if you really wish to be thorough, you can also spring clean your car.

It feels really good when you actually go in your car, and it smells and looks fresh. Spring cleaning your automobile is quite an important task, which you should see to with the following tips.

Brushing and vacuuming the interior surfaces

Perhaps the first thing you should do is to address the interior surfaces. For this, you will need a brush with fine bristles. Use it to remove dirt and dust off the surfaces in your car. This means all the buttons, vents, seat crevices and all of the nooks and crannies of the interior. Once you are done, you will need to vacuum to clean the interior thoroughly. Dusting inside has probably gotten some particles on the carpet and upholstery. Don the appropriate attachment for your vacuum cleaner and address these areas. Now that you are at it, it would be a good idea to throw away any clutter that is in your car and organise the rest of the contents a bit. To conclude this step, it would be good to add an air freshener inside to really freshen up the interior.

Deep clean the mats and carpets

With all of the grime of winter, no doubt the mats of your car will require some serious cleaning. To get it done right, you will need a stiff brush to loosen up the dirt and other grime. The carpet fibres trap a lot of dirt, so loosening it is essential, so then you can vacuum around. A good vacuum will prove invaluable to that end.

Cleaning the tyres

To give your car that fresh outside look, you need to remember that cleaning the tyres is a must. You should not utilise any product with harsh chemicals inside, instead, use a non-acid cleaner. For any tough grime, make sure to loosen it up with a stiff brush. A smaller tool, perhaps a toothbrush, can significantly help you with the narrow areas of the tyres.

Wash the exterior

A thorough wash of the exterior is your best bet for removing grime and dust. If you wish to be thorough, you can hand-wash the area with a soft microfibre cloth. Make sure to avoid using dish soap, as is common with people who have little regard for protecting the finish. A car wash product will preserve the pain and more easily clean the grime. When you are done, make sure to dry the car with a squeegee and a soft cloth so that there are no streaks left. That will leave it looking like new.

Clean the car windows

Finally, you should clean the windows. A glass cleaner can be a bit harsh on car windows. It is best to use a solution without ammonia. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the area, to prevent leaving glass marks, spots and streaks. Don’t forget about cleaning the topside of the windows, since grime accumulates there as well.

There is little doubt that all of these steps will lead you to a clean and refreshed car, ready to drive you off to great spring destination.

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