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5 tips for clever car window care in the winter

Winter Car Window Care

The winter season is here and with it plenty of wet, cold weather. It goes without saying that you enjoy the Christmas holidays and all that, but you have to admit that one aspect of winter is truly bothersome: foggy, iced and wet windows. If you are not aware of how to address the issue, it can be a pain.

Here are a few clever tips that will get you through the worst of times:

  • Don’t underestimate your wipers – with sudden blizzards and snowstorms, you can bet that your wipers should be in prime condition at all times. It is easy to forget to check the condition of the wipers. Are they smearing the water on your windshield? Do a quick test by pouring a bottle of water on the windshield and monitor their performance. Investing in new blades is a good idea, especially when the current ones do not provide enough moisture clearance. On top of that, if your wipers don’t effectively remove moisture, you can expect some window distortion of the vertical light effect, which is particularly dangerous.
  • Moisture inside the vehicle – when the weather gets cold outside, your car windows fog up. This effect occurs because moisture builds up on the inside of the car. Foggy windows are a hassle, especially when it happens while you drive. What you need to do is take care of the moisture inside the car. One possible trick is to fill a sock with cat litter and place it inside the vehicle to act as a sponge for moisture. If that doesn’t work, you can maybe consider a dehumidifier.
  • Try shaving cream – this is an old trick that many people swear by. Spray some on your hands and apply it on the windshield area. Dry it with a microfibre cloth after that. The trick lies with the wax inside the solution, which keeps moisture from sticking on the surface. Apply it once every few weeks or whenever you feel its effect wearing off.
  • Always keep an ice scraper in the car – if temperatures fall in the evening, you will find your car’s windows covered in a thin layer of ice. You will do well to clean that thoroughly, so you have good visibility. Be mindful of the ice scraper you use though. Some are made of very tough material that can easily scratch the surface. If you have no scraper on hand, you can use a credit card, which does an excellent job at removing ice too.
  • Bring a bottle of water at room temperature – if you need to leave with your car early, you will want to combat morning frost quickly enough. If you have no time to scrape it off, you can try pouring some water. Be mindful only of using room temperature water! If the difference in temperature is too high, which will be the case if you pour hot water, the windshield may crack.

All of these tips work to preserve your car windows in the winter and provide a clear vision on the road ahead.

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