Terms & Conditions at Fast Car Mobile Valeting

Car Valet Terms Conditions

Please read and understand the terms and conditions at our Fast Car Mobile Valeting cleaning company that are stated below prior to making any booking. Please be informed that if a booking have been made, it implies that you have read, understood and agreed to the stipulated terms and conditions of our service.

All the car valet services in London that we provide includes all the chemicals needed, transportation, workforce and the insurance coverage not unless it is not preferred by the client.

Our company and the all of our crew do their very best to provide the results to the satisfaction of our clients, however, we advise that our clients to check the outcome of the service as well as the state of the car right after the service has been provided prior to making any payments. If in any case, the client is not satisfied with the outcome, the client must specifically identify the cause of dissatisfaction and one of our experts made it a point to correct it at the time being. If in any case, dissatisfaction has been pointed out after the service, either after the car left the shop or after one of our crew has left, then, our company will not be held responsible. In instances wherein the service was not provided without the presence of the client and certain dissatisfaction arises, we advise the client to contact us within 24 hours. If the client fails to contact us or file any complaint within the specified time then our company has the right to deny any claims.

Our Car Mobile Valeting company aims to always provide the best services to our clients. We therefore have the right to make the necessary changes without prior notifications. However, once the changes have been finalized and carried out, all of our clients will be informed with regards to the changes made.
For any clients who wish to cancel their service, we should be notified at least 48 hours prior to the actual schedule. If the notification is received less than 48 hours, the company has the right to charge a cancellation fee.
Upon requesting a quote, we always make sure that we provide an accurate quotation. However, in instances wherein the car is in really poor condition, an additional fee may be charged but the client will be informed about this extra fee.

Larger SUVs may have an additional charge.

In relation to the prices of our services, we have the right to make the necessary changes on all of the price quotes as deemed necessary. Once the new prices have been rolled out, all of our clients will be informed accordingly.
We may not be able to provide a same day valeting service or any rush service since we have regular clients to attend to.

Deposit of 50% of the whole amount will apply upon on booking. After the completion of the service, we expect our clients to pay in full for the car valeting service received. We have the right to not release the vehicle if the client fails to make the full payment.

We accept several modes of payment and that includes cash, check, debit or credit card and gift vouchers.
For credit card payments, we also require additional information prior to the mode of payment approval. This information will include the client’s full address, telephone number, active email address and the contact name of the personnel in charge of the accounts department.

For returning payments, a transaction charge will be charged for each.

Working Areas
If the working area for the valeting service is dangerous or hazardous or unsafe in any way, we have the right not to carry out the service not unless the places have been checked for safety.

Any promotions can only be used on one car and cannot be used together with any other offer or promotions.