Maintenance Vehicle Sanitisation Valet


Small Vehicle Medium Vehicle 4×4 or MPV Duration
£70 £75 £85 up to 150 minutes

Full Exterior Wax Upgrade to Autoglym HD Wax/ArtDeShine Repel Coat with this package for an extra £35

What’s Included ?

  • Pre rinse with fresh water
  • Wheels deep cleaned with non acid wheel cleaner
  • Hand wash bodywork with soft lambs wool mitt
  • Dry exterior with large soft microfibre towels
  • Finish all windows and mirrors with glass cloth
  • Dress tyres
  • Wipe down door and boot shuts
  • Vacuum interior
  • Dash and console dusted
  • Aqua Wax bodywork and windows
  • Rubber door seals cleaned
  • Thorough dashboard clean
  • Doors and door pockets wiped down
Maintenance Valet