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6 winter car care tips for every driver out there

winter car care tipsIt is obvious that winter weather is going to take its toll on your vehicle. It may seem like resorting to mobile car valeting services, or good old hand washing is not worth the effort. It is just going to get dirty and salty all over again, right?

Be that as it may, leaving dirt and other debris linger on the car can cause it damage. Apart from exterior cleaning, you must also invest some effort in keeping the interior clean and sanitised. Besides, a clean vehicle always feels much more comfortable to drive.

Here are few tips that will serve you to that end:

  • Install rubber mats – your shoes are going to collect slushy, filthy water from outside. All of it is going to end up on the carpet mats of the car, which is less than ideal. To remedy the situation, you should get rubber mats for the winter season. These are much easier to clean than fabric surfaces and much more resilient too.
  • Pressure washing – a fast wash can always be executed with the aid of pressure washing. When using such a system on your own, you have to make sure the pressure isn’t too high. Otherwise, you could damage the paint on the car. It is best to rely on professionals for this job. Mobile car valeting services are especially useful at the end of a long day in traffic when the vehicle has likely accumulated quite a lot of grime and road salt.
  • Snow foam – one of the best solutions to use for exterior cleaning is snow foam. It is a kind of viscous soap that makes short work of tough grime and spoils accumulated in severe weather conditions. After application, snow foam needs a little bit of time to remove the dirt before you rinse it off.
  • Waxing – the paintwork is under continuous attack from the elements, especially throughout winter. For this reason, you should consider waxing. Wax adds a protective barrier that defends against grime and salt. Waxing the car is an excellent way to protect the exterior and one step you should discuss with a mobile car valeting company.mobile car valeting london
  • Clean the undercarriage – the part of the car that accumulates the most grime and dirt during your winter drives is the undercarriage. It is on the front line of all the mud, grime and salt the winter roads are throwing. For this reason, it requires the most cleaning. Even a simple cleaning act such as hosing down the area can minimise the chance of damage. Alternatively, you can apply an underside sealant to the vehicle, which will prevent buildup of grime. Just make sure the underside is clean before you use it.
  • Dry thoroughly – no matter how carefully you clean your car during winter, always make sure that it dries thoroughly. It is especially important to dry the locks and door frames so that they don’t freeze shut.

By following these tips, you can keep your car in pristine shape throughout the winter months. That way you will not have any trouble with it.

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